VMA’s History

Since our studio opened in 1995, we are proud to offer a variety of martial arts classes that benefit all ages. Our programs range from Li’l Dragons (starting at 4 years old) to separate adult and family classes. Our system is a blend of traditional and contemporary Martial Arts that not only offers an effective self-defense program but a means of building character and self discipline.

Children are taught to focus their energy in a positive way and learn the tools to establish the self-esteem and discipline it takes to set and attain their goals.

Adults are trained to be more aware of their bodies and their surroundings. These programs result in overall better health, stress reduction, weight loss, better muscle tone (especially in the areas that time seems to weaken) and the ability to defend themselves and their families.

What we are most proud of is all of these programs and benefits are offered in a fun, upbeat and high energy environment that will always keep you kickin’!