Master Kurt Shryock

MKMaster Kurt Shryock,  born in 1969 in Baltimore Maryland,  grew up in a neighborhood surrounded by crime and inner city challenges where it was not unusual for him to be engaged in altercations in an effort to defend himself from those who portrayed ignorance and negativity.  On the heels of this fray at age eleven, someone threatened him with a handgun.  As school focus an
d academics had become secondary in the mind and habits of this youth, his parents enrolled him in a local Tae Kwon Do school to address these issues and replace violence with a positive center.  It is here where he would be taught discipline, respect, and self control through the way of the foot and the hand.

After three and a half years of intense training and commitment, Master Kurt received his black belt at the age of fifteen.   The inspiration and dedication that came with this honor prompted him to become a martial arts instructor, and later, an owner of his own school, Victory Martial Arts, his life’s dream.

The following curriculum vitae highlights key dates and experiences in his life as a martial artist.

Enrolled in Tae Kwon Do

First Dan

Maryland State Tae Kwon Do Champion

Victory Martial Arts School opens
Coach for students attending The Junior Olympics in Los Angeles ,CA

Ranked #1 NBL middleweight fighter in Mid-Atlantic Region
Placed 6th overall at World Championships in Colorado

Trained in Korea at Young In University and Han Guk Chae Dae University
Tested and received Fifth Dan Black Belt in Kukkiwon (World Headquarters of Tae Kwon Do)
Member of Partnership 2000, Howard County Public Schools, Ellicott City MD
Sponsor for Team Victory
Attracted over 300 active students in three and a half years of operation

 Inducted into “The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame” as Master Instructor of the Year
Accompanied students to Korea for three weeks to experience 5000 years of tradition in June
Head Coach of Promoter Plus World Karate Team

Coach for 13 students attending  The Junior Olympic in San Antonio, TX – 14 medals won
Promoted First Summer Showdown Tournament